Power Quality Expert works with a number of trade associations and independent organisations such as the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association) and Voltimum.  As part of this partnership, together we have been able to provided free training webinars on power quality and energy to their members and their subscribers.

These webinars have been made available as on demand videos and webinars and include information on power quality topics and subjects that cover –

  • What is Power Quality?
  • Power Quality Measurements – BS:EN50160
  • Harmonic Measurements – What are harmonics?
  • Energy Measurements – Active Power, Apparent Power, Reactive Power, Quadrants of Power, Energy Efficiency
  • Power Quality Health Check – Typical Survey Measurements and Power Quality Health Check Report
  • Instrumentation – BS:EN61000-4-30, Power Quality Analysers, Power Energy Loggers, Power Quality Multi Function Testers

A selection of our previous online videos and on demand webinars are available on various media platforms.

ECA Learning Zone

Voltimum Academy


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