Erudite TrainingErudite Training Ltd is an established electrical training centre which has been providing excellent training for a decade. The Erudite Training philosophy is to not just teach people to just pass exams, but to give students knowledge and skills they can apply and use to enhance their personal and commercial development.

Power Quality Seminars are available to freely attend throughout the year at their training facilities in Cheshire. Seminars are held on a quarterly basis for existing students and electrical contractors and engineers who have a desire to learn more about the subject.

The seminar is held over a morning session with an option to attend an afternoon of practical product demonstration. The content presented aims to give the delegate an overview on the topic of Power Quality.

Seminar Content

  • What is Power Quality?
    • Overview of how the Network Operator and Customer relate to each other and how their interaction can effect power quality.
  • Power Quality Standard – EN50160.
    • The electrical parameters the Network Operator is responsible for.
  • Harmonics.
    • What are harmonics, examples of harmonics and their effects.
  • Energy Efficiency.
    • ESOS overview.
    • 18th Edition Appendix 17 overview.
  • Reports and Surveys – Power Quality Health Check
    • Common electrical parameters to consider when looking at reporting and results.
  • Meters – Portable and Permanent metering.
    • Classifications of portable meters as defined in IEC61000-4-30
    • Sub metering and energy management software.
  • Practical Demonstation of Power Quality Analysers and Download Software.
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