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Since it original inception, ‘Power Quality Expert’ has aimed to become the leading provider of power quality surveys, consulting, products and training.  As part of this goal we are introducing into our portfolio the vision to create the Power Quality Centre of Excellence.


The North West of England has a long history and established heritage in the industry of electrical measurement and electronic expertise, making it the perfect area to engage with and work alongside some of the United Kingdoms longest established and trusted names in the Test and Measurement industry.  With a lifetime of experience and knowledge in all aspects of Repair, Calibration, Hire and Sales all based throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside, these company’s include

  • Alpha Electronics
  • Dilog
  • Precise Calibration
  • Cal-Com Systems
  • GMC i-Prosys
  • Re-Cal
  • Celtek Calibration
  • Test and Measurement Hire
  • Instrument Hire UK
  • Industrial Services (NW)
  • National Instrument Hire
  • TER Calibration


Our Focus

  • Technology – Instrumentation and Power and Energy Solutions are continually developing to keep pace with legislation and new measurement requirements. We aim to prove a central hub as a resource for the latest developments and offer the opportunity to showcase these technologies.
  • Concepts – Power Quality and Energy standards and measurement develop in conjunction with and also push technology to progress and improve. New concepts and applications are key to moving our understanding forward and we aim to provide a point of common interest for these.
  • Skills – Continual Improvement and Utilisation of skills is an important part of all company and personal development. By being part of the solution to provide knowledge and training we want to build a library of practical skills that can be employed in all areas of Power and Energy.

The Purpose of the Centre

Within its scope, it is hoped that the Centre of Excellence (CoE) will be able to facilitate

  • Power Quality Research and Development
  • Continued Support of Technologies
  • Testing and Measurement Guidance
  • Training Resources


Our long-term goal is to make the centre a reality and bring together all the above expertise to make the North West of England the recognised central hub for Power, Energy and Test and Measurement excellence in the United Kingdom.